Doetsch App

For decades, workers in the environmental waste service business have had to use cumbersome charts to guess at how much debris cleanup their jobs involved. Now, Doetsch takes the guesswork out by accurately calculating the weight & volume for you!

Just enter the pipe diameter, length and debris depth and you'll receive the cubic yards and tonnage of the job. There's even a weight multiplier so you can allow for everything from water to wet gravel!

--Easily calculate both the volume and weight of debris in any round waste pipe!
--Accepts & generates data in both Imperial and Metric units
--Tricky cleanup job? Send us a photo & description of the problem and we'll try to assist.
--Keep up on the latest environmental service industry news
--Just a tap to contact us by phone or email

Alternately, you can use the Debris Calculator right here on the Doetsch website: