The Doetsch Approach: Hydro-Excavation

Hydro-Excavation is a non-mechanical and non-destructive process which combines pressurized water and a high flow of moving air to simultaneously excavate and evacuate native soils at a controlled rate. The soil and water slurry are conveyed via an 8" tube to a truck-mounted debris tank. This process allows for quick, clean and precise evacuations which require less backfill, less labor force, less restoration, and less environmental impact than conventional digging methods. A controlled flow water stream allows for surgeon-like accuracy. While removing only material necessary for repair or inspection, minimal material needs to be removed when compared with the large, less-than-accurate excavator or back hoe bucket.

This type of safe excavation allows for precise excavating around energized utilities. Uncovering buried utilities, or "daylighting" (the industry term) is a very necessary tool when used in conjunction with mechanical equipment. Instead, of hand digging, Hydro-Excavate to locate the utilities. Hydro-Excavation is faster than hand digging, not to mention less of a liability by preventing physical harm to workers in the excavation, and most importantly - safe location by preventing line strikes.

The unique process of Hydro-Excavation allows for remote digging. It is not necessary to make access for large excavating equipment and incur huge restoration and post job costs. Our Hydro-Excavators are equipped with rubber extension hoses that allow for the equipment to be positioned out of the way. This means that only vacuum hoses and water guns are necessary at the dig site. Now, excavating in buildings, crawlspaces, or other confined spaces is a reality.

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