The Doetsch Approach: Erosion Control

Doetsch Environmental Services can provide all the erosion control measures you may need at your site. By utilizing a very innovative and new technique using our pneumatic conveyor. Erosion control measures come in the form of a locally available organic material - recycled yard waste. This compost has many features that allow for better results than other off the shelf items. Because the material is recycled we are all doing our part to preserve the environment. The natural characteristics of compost lend it to be weed free, nutrient rich, and physical properties allowing it to naturally bond together.

The nutrients are extremely important when trying to establish vegetation on deprived soils or construction tailings. The compost actually helps to amend the subsurface and promote a healthy ecosystem. The compost can be pneumatically conveyed into mesh tubes, known as Filtrexx(tm) Filter Soxx, to allow for management of storm water run off or steam bank stabilization when used in a seeded application. The unique seeding process allows for the seed to be mixed with the compost and therefore "planted" on the ground - dormant seeding is not a problem. Using compost as a carrier, challenging jobs such as native seeding are not a problem for this process. Allow over a century of environmental solutions at Doetsch Environmental Services consult on your next project for guaranteed results.

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Excavation & Sitework: Hydro-Excavation Makes a Clean Cut on Jobsites (pdf)
(CAM Magazine, December 2003)

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