The Doetsch Approach: Pneumatic Conveyance

This very unique process allows for remote placement of a variety of materials. Doetsch is able to remotely place stone, sand, soil, and a variety of other aggregates. This process goes together with Hydro-Excavation. The minimal disturbance of Hydro-Excavation will not be made worse by heavy equipment traversing the area to backfill nor add to the restoration costs because of that equipment. We will blow the material through rubber hose from our specialized fleet of equipment.

This is part of our turn-key services, Doetsch Environmental Services can be contract to REMOVE material at your specified location and then REPLACE the material when complete. What does this mean to you? Less schedule juggling, less time coordinating multiple contractors, less site walks, less headaches associated with multiple contractors on a project.

Read more about The Doetsch Approach here:

Excavation & Sitework: Hydro-Excavation Makes a Clean Cut on Jobsites (pdf)
(CAM Magazine, December 2003)

Filling sand filters at a water treatment plantBasement pea stone applicationBackfilling of Hydro-Excavated fiber optic linesInset of 1613Limestone application