Water Blasting

The Doetsch fleet is complemented by our high pressure water blasting equipment, capable of pressures to 13,000 p.s.i. and flow rates in excess of 40 g.p.m. Once again, we can offer you the proper piece of equipment that will allow for a highly efficient job with a minimal amount of downtime.

Our machines as well as our experienced staff have extensive knowledge about sewer cleaning. If you are having a problem with your sewer system, give Doetsch a call.

The applications for this equipment is endless. It is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Contractors use water jetting to do some very difficult jobs, from removing deposits from pipes to stripping surface coatings to locating unknown pipe systems.

Doetsch Environmental Services can provide you with many different blasting applications and equipment. Not to mention, the knowledge of operating the equipment safely and performing the job efficiently.